Things You Shouldn’t Do To Your Roof


Roofs, depending on the materials, can last from a decade up to as long as a century. However, this doesn’t mean that we should just neglect our roofs and leave it as it is. Just like any part of our home, roofs call for proper care and maintenance if you want to keep it in a prime condition for a long time.


It’s not enough that you know what to do to maintain your roof, you also have to know what you should NOT do to it, or things that will cause any impairment to your roof.


For instance, you may be an avid do-it-yourselfer, but if you are not particularly skilled at roof repairs, do not attempt to climb your roof and do some repairs yourself; doing so might not only result in your roof’s state getting from bad to worse, but you can also be injured if you are unskilled in handling tools – or worse, you could fall off the roof. Leave the task to the licensed and practiced in roof repairs.


Do not walk on your roof – no matter how sturdy you believe your roof is, if it is not a rooftop or a roof that is specifically designed to be walked on, do not walk on it. Aside from risking the chance that you would fall, your weight can cause the major impact on the stability of the roof.


If you have trees with branches hanging directly above your roof, do not forget to trim these branches. Branches can get weak when they reach a certain length and may fall on your roof – the impact alone can cause damage. Also, branches can poke, puncture, and scratch your roof shingles, resulting in damages that can worsen over time. Leaves that cover particular areas in your roof can trap moisture that could lead to a growth of mold and mildew. To be on the safe side it’s almost always better to call in the professionals at Delta Roofing