Signs That It is Time for Your Gutters to Be Cleaned


When we perform a complete, intensive, in-depth cleaning of our homes, we wash every window, remove every forming webs, polish every furniture, and clean every appliance. Basically, we clean every part of the house and each home item that we encounter every day.


The thing is, general house cleaning should also involve hard to reach spaces and areas we don’t always pay attention to – such as gutters. Failing to clean gutters regularly can lead to major problems such as leaking roofs that can destroy your home in the long run.


You have to be mindful of cleaning your gutters, too, before you even notice your roof starting to leak. For you to be able to tell if your gutters need cleaning, here are some signs you should watch out for:


You can’t even recall when you last have your gutters cleaned.


When was the last time you or a professional cleaned your gutters? If you can’t remember, there’s a great chance that it happened a long time ago. This means that your gutters have probably already accumulated debris that needs to be removed.


Your gutters are starting to sag.


Sagging gutters are a telltale sign that something is weighing your gutters down. Chances are, dirt, leaves, or even branches have already clogged your gutters. You have to attend to this right away, sagging gutters can be dangerous as they may collapse any time soon.


You see the weed growing on your gutters.


Weeds or plants starting to grow on your gutters only indicate that whatever debris that has been stuck on your gutters – they were there long enough to facilitate the growth of something. Have your gutters unclogged right away.


You see birds forming a nest on your gutters.


Birds choose specific spots to build their nests. Most of the time, the spots birds pick as nesting area are stable spots. Once a bird chooses your gutter, that means the objects clogging it have already been jammed in it for a great deal of time that they became practically firm.